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MattStuff is a premium grooming hair wax, it is the perfect combination of good hold, a pleasant aroma, and versatility for long or short hair.

MattStuff has great abilities to show off hair texture, and is the perfect complement to any haircut. It has a sweet but mild vanilla fragrance, giving off a beautiful blended aroma. MattStuff has a matt look and finish but with medium hold, just enough to last all day, it is a superior quality hair styling product for all hair types. MattStuff is water soluble, long lasting and never leaves a waxy buildup, that’s right MattStuff completely rinses out after every shampoo!

Giving a firm but pliable hold, and where necessary it can be re-activated by adding a splash of water.

For best results add a small amount of MattStuff to the tip of your finger, emulsify through the palms of your hands, then using a circular motion apply product to your hair. Style as desired.

MattStuff wax has sold steadily in Benjamin Huthwaite Grooming since 2010.

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